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How the book was born

 Success in Verkami: history of the book Exercise of Gratitude During a difficult period in my life, I started doing some Gratitude practices . Little by little and without planning it, I started talking to my son about all the things I felt grateful for.

Always starting with this sentence: We give thanks to LIFE because we are alive, healthy, together and safe, and each time thanking something else, little by little there it became an “Gratitude Exercise” that we practiced at night when I put him to bed. Ramiro would ask: “Can we do Gratitude, Mama?”

Three years later, at school, we were asked to prepare an activity to do in the class for Christmas, and it occurred to me to set up a small homemade book with the exercise and some illustrations. I found it very nice to share the exercise with Ramiro’s classmates.

Later, some friends saw the tiny book and encouraged me to publish it. Fate helped me find a magnificent illustrator through the internet, Krystsina Kvilis, who with her art has managed to capture the beauty and delicacy I was looking for in the text. It has been a great team work where I have been able to design with total creativity the composition of each page with the illustrations painted in watercolor and digitized later by Krystsina.


Success in Verkami: printed thanks to a Crowdfunding Campaign

 Gratitude Exercise Crowfundeado en Verkami To pay for the printing of the book , I organized a pre-sale of the book on the Verkami platform and in just 30 hours of campaign I achieved 100% of the initial goal!

Finally, given the success in Verkami –362% raised– I was able to edit the book in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. IA total of 413 patrons made this project possible. Thank you! ❤️


100% made with love · 100% authentic · 100% self-published in Mallorca

Gratitude Exercise has been written , designed, edited and currently being distributed with love by Susana Cardona Ortega.

Gratitude Exercise is a Mallorcan self-publishing. The first edition is from September 2017.

Technical characteristics:
– Softcover
– 40 pages
– Dimensions: 17 x 21 cm
– ISBN – Spanish: 978-84-697-5889-2
– ISBN – Catalan: 978-84-697-5890-8
– ISBN – English: 978-84-697-5891-5
– Final price: 12€

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