We Thank LIFE
because we are alive,
together, healthy and safe.

This is how Gratitude Exercise begins

Throughout its pages we give thanks for all the good and positive things in our life, from Life itself, our home, food … to Planet Earth, our talents or health. All this connecting with our breath.

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Gratitude Exercise is
more than a children’s book:

It’s a gift for parents, a tool to connect with our children and experience Gratitude together.

It’s a simple meditation where we realize all that’s positive and valuable in our lives and we take a moment to be thankful about it.

It’s also a cherished tool for Yoga teachers and School Teachers, ideal for their classes.

Is an excellent Gift book for our loved ones.

And of course, it’s a lovely read for Grandparents with their grandchildren.



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Softcover, 40 p., 17 x 21 cm. Contains a Reading Guide. 

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How. Gratitude Exercise was born

During a difficult period in my life, I started doing some Gratitude practices at night. Little by little and without planning it, I began to talk to my son about all the things for which I felt grateful. Continue reading...


Printed thanks to a successful Crowdfunding Campaign

To pay for the printing of the book, I organized a pre-sale of the book on the Verkami platform and in just 30 hours of the campaign I achieved 100% of the initial goal! Given the success of the campaign –almost 600 pre-sold books in 40 days– I have been able to edit the book in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. Continue reading...

100% self-published in Mallorca

Gratitude Exercise: a book for children and grown-ups


Gratitude Exercise has been written, designed and edited in Alaró, Mallorca and is currently being distributed nationally by its author, Susana Cardona Ortega.

Many patrons made this project come true...
here I say THANK YOU! ❤️

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La autora

Susana Cardona Ortega, autora del libro Ejercicio de GratitudSusana Cardona Ortega

Passionate about children and books, I have been an editorial designer for more than 10 years.

In 2017, thanks to my life experience, the inspiration of my son Ramiro and a long sequence of coincidences, I publish my first book, Gratitude Exercise, with which I want to convey a simple —but very powerful— message to children and adults: the conscious practice of Gratitude.

I work in Mallorca and I offer online book design services (bilingual Spanish/ English). This is not my first experience in self-publishing: in 2017 I have helped and advised other authors in the process of self-publishing their books 🙂

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